Weekend Update…trails remain closed.


Unfortunately what Mother Nature gives, she can just as quick take away! The recent spate of rain coupled with above freezing temperatures continues to put trail opening on hold.

But not to fret. While the State, in a series of press releases last week, claimed opening day is usually December 15th the reality is that most Clubs, including ours (south of the notches) traditionally have the right conditions to open early to mid January.

Winter has just started, so we have plenty of time for the cold and snow to re-appear and give us a tremendous season!

The word of the week? Patience. And remember, now is an excellent time to join the Club and register your sleds…you don’t want to be at the end of the longest line when the big Nor’Easter finally rolls in.

New Cutter Bar! (and Trail Update Plea)


Once again George has been hard at work on our machinery. Over a tough five day period he added a hydraulically articulated cutter bar to one of our drags, along with a much needed tool box. Thanks again George, this should greatly help brushing…especially with the lack of manpower we struggle with every fall!

We know everyone is anxious to hit the trails, and our early season snows have wetted many an appetite. Unfortunately we need much more snow to cover the rail bed, and we need a major dumping across our woodland trails before we can consider grooming. What can you do to help? Please stay off the trails until we can develop and pack a decent base. Every year about this time we get the usual crowd destroying the rail bed and much of our trails before we can set them up. And every year a number of riders wreck their sleds riding the exposed rails, or hitting stumps and rocks out in the woods. Please, stay off our trails until we can get them ready for proper riding!!!

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Weekend Update!


Tomorrow Skip & Dave will be teaching the annual Youth Safety Snowmobile Class at the Canoe King. Once again thanks to Mitch for making his facility always available to the Club, especially for the monthly meetings and events like this!

And a reminder that our December monthly Board of Directors meeting follows sharply at 5:00 PM at the same location. As always, all members are invited and encouraged to attend the BOD meeting.

Finally, a good frost is starting to settle into the trail system, being covered by lighter snow and ice events that lead to (hopefully) an excellent base for the season. We still need that one good Northeaster, or a couple of good storms, to reach the necessary level required to open the trails. But right now things are shaping up very nice for the season!

Lot’s of stuff coming up!


Next Saturday, December 6th, we have a busy day up at the Canoe King. From 9 until 3 Skip & Dave will be teaching their annual Youth Snowmobile Safety Class to yet another sold out crowd. And just as important, the December monthly meeting will start promptly at 5PM at the Club’s headquarters…Canoe King…1799 White Mountain Highway in Tamworth. Remember, all members are invited and encouraged to attend our monthly Board of Director meetings!

A big thank you to Mark F. and the crew that put on another successful yard sale at the Canoe King yesterday. Below we have a picture of the antiques that won best in show and peoples choice. And of course the Tucker, after tender loving care by George, is ready to groom as soon as the weather and the State permits.

best viewer choice tucker small