Hi There fellow members and friends. We hope you are having a great summer and we hope that is doesn’t end to quickly. There are lots more cookouts to enjoy before the leaves turn color.

FYI there is information we would like to pass along to you so that you are aware and prepared. There are changes that you will see soon here on our website and also with regard to snowmobile club memberships and snowmobile registrations state wide. Below is just a quick excerpt from NHSA

To all NHSA clubs
Important changes for this year’s Memberships
Effective immediately:
The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association has upgraded its Membership Program to a web-based program. This is a significant change from previous years. The new program is designed to create more convenience for our members, reduce volunteer hours, and reduce cost to clubs as well as better reporting and marketing options. 

What does all this mean?  Well in the future, the public will be able to join a club and register their sleds on line.  On-line memberships, which will go into effect on January 1, 2016, are the first step in this process.  All clubs in the state will have a uniform membership fee of $35.00.  Membership cards will no longer be issued.  Instead you will be given a membership voucher to verify your club membership.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR VOUCHER WITH YOU WHEN YOU VISIT AN OHRV AGENT TO GET YOUR REGISTRATIONS.  Registration agents cannot look up a voucher number for you. 

Until the system goes on-line on January 1st, you may still register by mail or in person at Canoe King in Tamworth.  Just print our Membership Application from our web-site, fill it out and mail it in to us with your check.  We will input your information, print off your voucher, and mail it back to you.  Remember that the voucher, which will take the place of a membership card, is required when you register your sleds. 

When we get more information, we will be sure to pass it along to you.  In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support of the OVSC. 

WEBSITE CHANGES: You will be seeing changes to the website. We already have changed up our Membership Page with the link to print off the NEW MEMBERSHIP FORM for the 2015/16 season. There will also be new link to the New ONLINE NHSA Statewide CLUBs MEMBERSHIPs.

Stay Tuned as usual and we will pass along the news. Keep enjoying summer!!!



George Kaye, OVSC President, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, wants to thank all of you for your patronage. While short, it was still a fantastic season and we are extremely pleased with all of you that viewed our sites, road our trails, joined our club and donated to the groomer fund.

Trails are closed and gates are being shut, but please check back here often through the spring, summer and fall as we move forward with events and work parties to get ready for the 2015/2016 season. Opening day is just over a little more than 200 days from today!


Weekend Preview:


Trails remain flat and fast in the upper elevations. Corridor 19 is rails, switches and ties…not recommended for travel. Black Pond Road out of White Lake State Park has ice and gravel showing. You can still get out to the higher elevations by using due caution, or trailer and launch off of 113A in the area of the Heminway Forest.

With rapidly changing conditions, we could be closing gates as early as next week…so if you’ve got the itch, best to scratch it one more time this weekend!






Fat Lady is starting her song….


It has been a great season, but George reports tonight that conditions are fading fast. Corridor 19 has rails, switches and ties showing and grooming has stopped there for the season. George was able to groom one last time today from west of White Lake State Park out past the fire tower. Down low on Black Pond Road bare ground and ice are becoming prevalent. Once you clear the hill conditions improve. You may want to think of trailering to the Hemmingway if you want to get in one last weekend before we begin shutting the gates. We will update everyone Friday morning!

Weekend Preview 3/13/2015

The trails remain in good to excellent condition, with more snow expected to fall this weekend. As always, the first portion of our system giving way to the strong March sun is the rail-bed, but we will work with what we have out there until the last flake has fallen!

Conditions will change very rapidly this late in the season, so if you can get out there this weekend and get out early you will be rewarded once again with mid winter riding conditions. And as you can see below, our groomers are primed and still giving the trails regular treatment as necessary. A big tip o the helmet to our hard working groomer crews this season.



2015/2016 Board of Directors announced


At a well attended Annual Meeting yesterday, George Kaye was elected president and Dave Bowles will serve as Vice President for the 2015/2016 seasons. Mark Debitetto will continue as Trail Administrator, Marie Kaye as Membership Chair and Mitch Gordon as Treasurer. Mark Galloway, Josh White and Dan Hartley will serve as Directors. If anyone in the general membership is interested the Secretary position remains open.

We had a great weekend out on the trails. Grooming will continue as long as the weather and conditions hold. We are still at mid winter conditions, but we are moving well into March and things can change quickly. So get out and get as much riding in as you can!