Mid Summer Update


Much to the chagrin of you summer lovers…fall is just around the corner! With that in mind, your Executive Board has been hard at work behind the scenes planning for the upcoming season. Recently the Board met and made a number of decisions. First and foremost, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of those that volunteered in the Snack Shack last season. But after careful consideration of the costs, logistics and volunteers needed, we felt it best to return to ‘Shack to it’s owner and pursue other venues for fund raising this upcoming season. We have a number of new ideas for on trail events, many family oriented, that we will be trying out as soon as the snow flies. We are also moving ahead with a land owners appreciation and awards night, to be held sometime in October.  Watch here and on our Facebook page for details. We also have several trail and bridge projects that must be done before the season starts, and as always we are in desperate need of volunteers. To that end we are exploring several incentive options to hopefully get a better turnout in the future. And as always we are looking for folks willing to work the pre or post operations at the upcoming Grass Drags, or during the event itself if you have been pre-qualified. Remember, if you want to help set up or tear down at the ‘Drags, you can “come as you are” and do not need to attend training classes! Finally, we still intend to have our annual youth safety class in  December, if we have a solid sign up prior to two weeks before the class. Again, peruse our web site and Facebook page on a regular basis as we move closer towards the 2014/2015 season…..

Early Bird alert for new memberships!

We deeply encourage our members to join the Club as early as possible…and to that end we have updated our membership page. You can download a .pdf application and mail it in, or use our online PayPal account to join using PayPal or any major credit card. Additionally you can use your “cart” to donate to the groomer fund if you so desire.

So why wait…we’re just a click away! And thank you, as always….


Summer Time in the Valley / Enjoy your 4th of July

We hope everyone is having a relaxing summer so far. It’s finally got hot enough that people are hoping for cooler temps. Funny isn’t it… how temper-mental we new englanders are about the weather?

The Bass Tourney went well. We will soon post the winners so stay tuned.

Our membership application has been updated for the 2014-2015 season and is available on the membership page. Please just click the link to download it and print off a copy or 10 for yourself and all your friends that you invite to the OVSC!

The electronic membership via Pay Pay will be up soon so please be patient and stay tuned.

We have been fortunate to have been approved for an RTP (Recreational Trails Program) Federal Grant that we applied for in the early spring. This application was for trail improvements on the Bowles Trail / Mac Hill and Cannon Sections. We were also approved for a Mountain Equipment Brush Bar. These applications required a lot of work from Dave Bowles, George Kaye and myself. Our members that stepped up this past winter and all that stopped by and offered help spurred us on as we all together continue to improve our trail system. Thanks to all of you!

More news will show up here as the summer progresses. Stay tuned. Have fun and be safe.

The Fat Lady has begun her song!


What a great season we’ve had, and thanks to two particularly generous anonymous donors, what an extended season we’ve had. But now the money & the snow have finally run out! The gates to White Lake State Park and our two gates on 113 are closing today, due to lack of snow and many flooded areas in low lying spots. If you would like to ride our last remaining snow, you can trailer up to the Hemminway Forest area this weekend to reach our higher elevations. Expect spring like conditions (it actually is Spring) and use appropriate caution. Expect all trails, including Corridor 19, to be closing within the next few days. Once again, thank you so much for all of our donors, supporters and riders. And what begin as soon as the last gate closes? Trail preps for next season, so we hope to see some new faces out here this summer and fall as we prepare for yet another great season across the OVSC!

Weekend Preview:


Hard to believe that it is just a few days until April and we are reporting that grooming continues and our trails are still in mid winter conditions. Even with the moderating temperatures expected this weekend our trails have all been freshly groomed, thanks to generous donations for fuel, and we will continue to groom until the fuel runs out! So once again we invite you to ride some of the best trails in the region this upcoming weekend…..