OVSC Youth Snowmobile Safety Class


The OVSC will be holding its annual safety class on Saturday December 6th from 9 am until approximately 3:30 pm. As always the class will be held at the world famous Canoe King complex located at 1799 White Mtn Highway (Route 16) in Tamworth, NH. Students must be 12 years of age, or turning twelve this upcoming season, to receive a diploma and operator license. All costs are borne by the State and the Club, and the Club will once again feed everyone pizza for lunch. If you desire to contribute, our groomer jar will be close by!

Chief Instructor Skip Christenbury, along with former President Dave Bowles, ask that you send your children with warm clothes for the tour of the grooming equipment located out of doors. And while the State now offers the course on line for $30 per student, Skip & Dave believe that your child will get a lot better education by participating hands on with a group of their peers. And remember, a parent, guardian or other family friend/relative is highly encouraged to sit in on the class!

Please pre-register by calling Skip @ 603-742-5761

Hoping to see a classroom of smiling faces in December….



Late Summer Projects




Just a heads up to our members wishing to renew or new members wishing to join via our Pay Pal links. At this time our Pay Pal is down. Please stay tuned though as we will have it available soon. Thanks for your patience.

Getting Ready for the Winter

We are busy getting ready for the upcoming season. George has been working on painting the and adjusting the drags. We have many work parties coming up to get ready for the upcoming season. Any time you can spare to help us would be greatly appreciated even if you only have the morning. Please contact us if you are interested.

Happy Labor Day!


The first day of September, but not feeling too “Fall like” this week. Swamp maples and a few other trees are starting to show early signs of color. Crickets are chirping around the clock, enjoying their remaining days until the first killing frost. And our thoughts turn toward fall work parties, inspiring early memberships and planning for our upcoming membership meetings and events.

Please, give serious consideration to joining our Club early. You can always wait until a later date to register your sleds, but by joining now you are ensured of having your membership card in hand when you do register.


Stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages, as information on upcoming events will rapidly unfold!

Mid Summer Update


Much to the chagrin of you summer lovers…fall is just around the corner! With that in mind, your Executive Board has been hard at work behind the scenes planning for the upcoming season. Recently the Board met and made a number of decisions. First and foremost, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of those that volunteered in the Snack Shack last season. But after careful consideration of the costs, logistics and volunteers needed, we felt it best to return to ‘Shack to it’s owner and pursue other venues for fund raising this upcoming season. We have a number of new ideas for on trail events, many family oriented, that we will be trying out as soon as the snow flies. We are also moving ahead with a land owners appreciation and awards night, to be held sometime in October.  Watch here and on our Facebook page for details. We also have several trail and bridge projects that must be done before the season starts, and as always we are in desperate need of volunteers. To that end we are exploring several incentive options to hopefully get a better turnout in the future. And as always we are looking for folks willing to work the pre or post operations at the upcoming Grass Drags, or during the event itself if you have been pre-qualified. Remember, if you want to help set up or tear down at the ‘Drags, you can “come as you are” and do not need to attend training classes! Finally, we still intend to have our annual youth safety class in  December, if we have a solid sign up prior to two weeks before the class. Again, peruse our web site and Facebook page on a regular basis as we move closer towards the 2014/2015 season…..

Early Bird alert for new memberships!

We deeply encourage our members to join the Club as early as possible…and to that end we have updated our membership page. You can download a .pdf application and mail it in, or use our online PayPal account to join using PayPal or any major credit card. Additionally you can use your “cart” to donate to the groomer fund if you so desire.

So why wait…we’re just a click away! And thank you, as always….