The Fat Lady has begun her song!


What a great season we’ve had, and thanks to two particularly generous anonymous donors, what an extended season we’ve had. But now the money & the snow have finally run out! The gates to White Lake State Park and our two gates on 113 are closing today, due to lack of snow and many flooded areas in low lying spots. If you would like to ride our last remaining snow, you can trailer up to the Hemminway Forest area this weekend to reach our higher elevations. Expect spring like conditions (it actually is Spring) and use appropriate caution. Expect all trails, including Corridor 19, to be closing within the next few days. Once again, thank you so much for all of our donors, supporters and riders. And what begin as soon as the last gate closes? Trail preps for next season, so we hope to see some new faces out here this summer and fall as we prepare for yet another great season across the OVSC!

Weekend Preview:


Hard to believe that it is just a few days until April and we are reporting that grooming continues and our trails are still in mid winter conditions. Even with the moderating temperatures expected this weekend our trails have all been freshly groomed, thanks to generous donations for fuel, and we will continue to groom until the fuel runs out! So once again we invite you to ride some of the best trails in the region this upcoming weekend…..

3/24/14 Past Weekend/Upcoming weekend

This past weekend was again just awesome. Snow cover throughout the system was in mid winter shape. Thanks to all that visited the Snack Shack and also made donations to the groomer jar.

Now for next weekend… Due to the super generous donations recently made our groomers will be able to operate this week recovering the trail system for next weekend. We are also anticipating a bit more snow…how much? We will keep an eye to the sky. This weeks conditions are excellent though a little bumpy…till the groomer crews hit it.

Weekend Preview…..


UPDATE: The OVSC Trail System has rec’d 15″ of new new depending on location and elevation. Since this has happened we have had a member who has been super supportive of the club make a groomer donation today of 500.00. We are just so appreciative that this member and all the rest of you that have made these generous donations this season and seasons past. We thank you for trusting us with your hard earned dollars that we can provide these great conditions for you to enjoy with your families and friends. This is quite a spring…let’s ride!

While we’re down to our last few dollars, we did groom the Rail Bed (Corridor 19) for it’s entire length last night. Right now there is only a few rails showing, mostly in the stretch in West Ossipee near McDonalds, but other than that the rail bed remains in excellent condition for this late in March. We will do our woodlands trails at least one more time over the weekend. Conditions change fast this late in the season, and regardless of air temperatures, the strong sun angle takes a quick toll on the snow, especially on southern exposures. Bottom line, get out and ride this weekend if you can, because no one offers better trail conditions right now in this region!

It has been a fantastic season…but


We are so greatful to the weather Gods and all of you that joined the Club, rode our trails, hit the Snack Bar of stuffed a few bills in the groomer jar. But after this long season we are down to but a few hundred dollars in our grooming account, and the State just notified us that we didn’t qualify for additional grooming funds. After tonight’s predicted storm, we will do a quick groom with the little money we have left then parking the machines for the season. Trails will remain open as long as we can, but it will quickly turn to spring like conditions. So if you need to get in that last ride, better plan on doing it before the end of the upcoming weekend. And once again, a heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters!