Weekend Preview…..


Talks of a major storm have been bantered around the last few days, but as we get closer to the storm it does not appear we will get the foot or more of snow we need to reach mid-winter conditions. Currently we have a thin base layer covered with ice in many spots after the rain earlier in the week. We have not been able to groom this week while as we await more snow. Very little loose snow is available to provide adequate cooling for your sled, or necessary lubrication for your track and suspension. If you do decide to venture out this weekend, be cognizant of thin ice conditions remaining on our lakes, ponds and streams, and icy early season conditions across our woodlands trails. The rails, ties and switches on Corridor 19 make travel there extremely hazardous!


Trail and Rider report….


A hearty thank you to everyone that rode our trails, joined the Club, registered their sleds and helped donate towards the Tucker radiator repair over the weekend. We could not do it without our great base of supporters!

The rain and ice definitely impacted portions of our trail system overnight. Thankfully cold temperatures will return after today to freeze everything back up. Once we get out and evaluate the trails we’ll be sure to update everyone here and on our Facebook page!

Weekend Preview (and Tucker woes)…Maps are IN!


For those of you looking to ride here this weekend, we have now opened all of our gates. Also, the State has opened the gates up and over the Castle (Corridor 15), however the trail over the mountain is very thin in many spots so use due caution! Unfortunately we are unable to groom until we get more snow, so be forewarned that we have many icy and thin spots across our system as well. And Corridor 19 along the rail sections remains extremely hazardous. Best to avoid if you can!

Our newest map is in and available for purchase here on our website, at the Canoe King and soon at vendors across the Valley. Get yours today, and don’t forget to visit the vendors that made our new map possible!

Finally, we’ve lost the radiator in our Tucker. As always, these things are uncovered expenses, but we will find a way to repair it as soon as possible. However, if you have the ability to make a donation to help offset the repair, please feel free to stop by the Canoe King or use the donation section of our membership page. Every little bit helps!

( Thanks already Joe M. , GREATLY appreciated! )


Grooming Update….


George went out and groomed what he could from White Lake State park to the Fire Tower. This was a “one shot deal” as there is no more snow to work with, or pull in from the shoulders. He did not continue on to Whiteface due to a lack of snow out that way. Dave also used his small drag to groom the trails around his Wonalancet area. The tracks (Corridor 19) remain treacherous with exposed rails, ties and switches! Simply put, we need more snow to commence a regular grooming schedule!